Hack Into Someones Text Messages

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Because texting has become as common as talking on cell phones, finding out what’s going on may require you to hack into someones text messages. Text message monitoring requires a spy app to be installed on the phone you want to monitor. You can also use the software as an SMS spy app or to read email from the phone.

How to Get Someones Text Messages

To hack into someones text messages you need a text message spy app. Many providers offer software with this feature as a basic option including Spy Bubble, Phone Sheriff, Mobile Spy, MobiStealth and FlexiSpy. Each provider offers different payment options and plans.


The basic steps to retrieving text, email and SMS messages are the same for any of the apps:

  • sign up and pay for the app from the service provider you choose
  • create your user name and password to access the user interface online
  • download the app to the monitored phone
  • set up how you want to be notified of new text, email and SMS messages

The app runs in the background while the phone is on, and is virtually undetectable. Neither party sending or receiving text messages will know you have access.  You are now using SMS spy software.

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But what if they delete text, email or SMS messages to avoid being found out? Not possible. The software allows you to hack text messages as they are being sent both inbound and outbound. When they send the message a copy of it is automatically sent to your user interface and stored there.

How to Read Someones Text Messages

Once you hack into someones text messages you can use the text message spy app to read text messages online. You can access your user interface, using your user name and password, from any browser and online connection. This means any laptop, netbook or smartphone can be used to hack into someones text messages. If you want to save the messages you can use a flash drive or zip drive to save them from a laptop, netbook or tablet.

Other Hacking Features Available

With the ability to hack into someones text messages comes the ability to find information about:

  • the contact information of the other party (both email and phone number)
  • detailed logs telling you times, dates, durations and how often texts are made between specific phones
  • who initiated the text, email or SMS

These features will tell you if the person you are monitoring is initiating the communication or is on the receiving end of it. When you hack into someones text messages you can find out all of these things at a glance.

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